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Logona Dry Skin Protection

Dry skin is characterized by a finely pored, thin and somewhat brittle surface layer. It tends to suffer from patches of irritation and red blotchiness, and frequently lacks elasticity. Symptoms that accompany dry skin include uncomfortable feelings of tension, itchiness, and premature wrinkling. External influences, such as solar radiation, cold, wind, and indoor heating, generally aggravate dry skin symptoms.

LOGONA facial care for dry skin employs a rich phytocosmetic blend of deeply moisturizing, healing and soothing botanical ingredients, as well as natural moisture retaining agents. Mild vegetable oils ease skin tension and support natural regeneration processes to increase skin elasticity, providing immediate and tangible textural improvement. See our Dry Skin Care items

Logona Sensitive Skin Care

Sensitive facial skin is characterized by a very low tolerance to external or internal stress factors. These can include environmental and climatic factors, or emotional upset and inner disharmony. Sensitive skin reacts with red blotches, irritated patches, tightness of the skin, or itchiness. This increased level of sensitivity can occur as a temporary condition for all skin types.

LOGONA facial care products for sensitive skin contain active phytocosmetic ingredients that soothe, protect and moisturize skin. They provide relief to the troubling conditions of blotchiness, irritations, and uncomfortable skin tautness. The products also contain stimulating and enlivening ingredients, intended to reinforce and strengthen the skin's own resistance and natural repair functions. See our Sensitive Skin Care items

Logona Oily/Blemished Skin Care

Youthful skin is especially susceptible to skin eruptions and blemishes. Hormonal changes accompanying puberty tend to cause an overproduc-tion of sebum (skin oil). The often enlarged skin pores can become blocked, pre-venting the normal flow of sebum and metabolic waste products to the skin surface. The resultant bacterial infection causes the formation of a white-head or blackhead blemish. Using natural cosmetic expertise, LOGONA Clear Skin products offer an effective, systemmatic approach to combat the problem of blemish-prone skin. The light Moisture Fluid nurtures the skin with necessary hydration, while stimulating the skin's own healing and regenerative processes.

The Blemish Stick, rich in botanical antibacterial agents, provides targeted treatment to problem spots. Finally, during the day, the Blemish Concealer effectively covers blemishes, allowing you to relax about your appearance. See our Oily/Blemished Skin Care items

Logona Special Skin Care

Vitamin Cream Avocado provides rich, intensive care for skin areas deficient in both moisture and oil. Premium avocado, almond and olive oils, soothing chamomile extract, and moisture retaining glycerin combine to provide lasting care and a noticeable improve-ment in elasticity and skin texture. Natural Vitamin E supports the skin's own protective functions against free radicals and other external stressors, which can lead to premature ageing.

Logona Age Protection

Comprehensive protective care with Nature's finest ingredients

Logona Age Protection products provide a very high level of skin care and treatment, reflecting the much more demanding requirements of maturing skin. These products rely upon three kinds of mutually reinforcing ingredients: concentrated phytoactive ingredients, natural moisturizing agents, and premium botanical oils. They compensate for skin deficiencies, to stimulate the skin's own self-correcting capabilities, and to improve the skin's acid mantle. Comprehensive protective care at this level produces in maturing skin a natural radiance and healthy vitality.

Viewed scientifically, your skin begins to age in your mid-20s, when metabolic, circulatory, and lymphatic systems all begin to slow down. The resulting lowered intake of nutrients and oxygen causes a reduction in the skin's fatty tissues, which are needed to bind and store moisture. Lowered moisture retention creates the conditions for line and wrinkle formation. Also, the depletion of skin oils and moisture weakens the skin's natural repair functions and its resistance to external influences. Weakening of regenerative powers reduces your skin's self-correcting capabilities. The first signs are increased dryness, reduced elasticity, and increased sensitivity of your skin. See our age protection items

Logona Tinted Moisturizers

Simplicity, subtlety, and natural balance

Logona Tinted Moisturizers give your skin an even, natural tone, and nurture it with lasting care. Use as a stand-alone day moisturizer for subtle toning and understated coverage, or as a minimal foundation in combination with powder and other makeup items. For more complete coverage, we would recommend the Logona Liquid Foundations.