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Enjoy healthy, glossy hair colored to a fresh and lively shade using LOGONA Herbal Hair Colors. Whether you want only to add depth or a subtle nuance to your existing color, or to change your hair color altogether, LOGONA Herbal Hair Colors can do the job. And do it without attacking the natural structure or native color of your hair!

Herbal Hair Colors really work differently

Chemical hair colors aggressively remove natural pigments from the interior of the hair shaft, and replace them with synthetic dyes. In this way, your initial hair color can be completely changed. However, since natural hair pigments have a stabilizing effect on overall hair structure, repeated chemical color treatments can make hair fragile and lifeless.

LOGONA Herbal Hair Colors penetrate only into the outer, scaly layer of the hair shaft, giving a coating of color over this outer layer. The natural pigments of your hair shine through this color layer. Your new hair color results from the combination of your initial color with the applied hair color layer.

Brilliant color, shine and volume

The botanical ingredients strengthen the hair and give it naturally enhanced volume. The extra shine results from the smoothing effect the hair color layer has on the outer layer of the hair shaft. This increases the light reflected off the hair, which produces the typical glossiness and shine of hair colored with a LOGONA Herbal Hair Color.

Natural ingredients

LOGONA Herbal Hair Colors contain only 100% natural coloring and conditioning ingredients. The colorants used include certified organically grown henna, cassia, walnut, buckthorn, indigo, hibiscus, rhubarb, rhatany, coffee, curcuma, and beetroot. We grind these ingredients to a very fine consistency, and then mix in powdered wheat protein and jojoba for added conditioning benefits. We also add a bit of algin to improve the texture of the color mixture, and some essential oils to improve the fragrance.

  • LOGONA Herbal Hair Colors color your hair gently and long lasting.
  • Independent labs test each hair color batch for residues of agricultural chemicals and heavy metal concentrations.
  • LOGONA hair colors do not attack the hair structure, as do permanent hair colors.
  • LOGONA hair colors are completely free of synthetic colorants, fragrances, preservatives, and aggressive ingredients.

Choosing the right color

A LOGONA Herbal Hair Color combines with your individual hair color and hair structure to produce an individual color result not completely predict-able. Fine or very light hair typically binds the hair color quicker and more intensively than thicker or darker hair. Consult with your hair stylist if you have questions about categorizing your hair struc-ture and color.

Mixing Herbal Hair Colors

Many users achieve unique and beautiful color results by mixing two or three hair colors together. Especially in the red and brown color ranges all imaginable nuances are possible. Mixtures of golden blonde and sahara produce many variations in the golden to reddish range.

Also common among many users is to mix a small amount of Henna Black into a base of Mahogany, Chestnut Brown, or Walnut Brown to darken the color result.

Henna Neutral Hair Treatment

Gives hair increased volume and a silky gloss. Pure, finely-ground plant materials nourish the scalp and pro-tect and strengthen the hair struc-ture. Also recommended to treat problem conditions, such as chronically oily hair or irritated, flaky scalp.

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