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Facial skin needs regular cleansing to remove accumulated dead skin and dirt particulates, excessive oil, perspiration and metabolic wastes, and makeup. Cleansing opens the pores, preparing the skin to receive subsequent treatment. A good facial cleanser must function gently, without irritating the skin with aggressive ingredients. LOGONA cleansers contain only the mildest cleansing agents, plus natural ingredients that soothe and moisturize. Cleanse twice daily, in the morning and before retiring.


An important step of a facial care program, toning, follows cleansing and precedes moisturizing or similar facial care treatment. Applying a toning lotion provides a supplemental cleansing and facial rinse, and floods the open pores with pure botanical extracts selected to benefit a specific skin condition. LOGONA toning lotions target specific responses from vital skin functions.

Apply after every facial cleansing. Either massage and pat directly into the skin with your fingertips, or use a couple of toner-moistened cotton pads to wipe skin completely.

Deep Cleansing

A skin care program designed for combination and/or blemished skin should include periodic deep cleansing provided by a facial mask. This cleansing step complements and reinforces the regular daily skin cleansing. Because this skin type tends to react to external influences with excessive oil production or skin eruptions, the cleansing mask should contain only very gentle ingredients, carefully chosen for their positive effect on blemished skin. LOGONA Mint Cleansing Mask, for example, contains soothing herbal extracts with anti-inflammatory and healing effects.

Use once or twice weekly. Follow with an application of toning lotion.


Most skin types benefit from occasional gentle exfoliation by a facial cleanser containing finely ground particles that loosen dead skin cells, open encrusted pores, and stimulate circulation. Skin generally appears smoother and clearer following exfoliation. However, gentle ingredients and a gentle technique are both important to avoid irritating the skin. For dry and sensitive skin, LOGONA offers a creamy, non-foaming exfoliating cleanser, and for combination and blemished skin, a sudsing gel.

Use once or twice weekly in place of your regular cleanser. Follow with toning lotion.

Hydration and Protection

Every good skin care moisturizer and treatment product has the ultimate goal to regulate and stabilize the skin�s own acid mantle, a very thin layer of emulsified oil-and-water with a slightly acidic pH. This mantle, or hydro-lipid film, varies according to skin condition and type. The closer a skin product matches the mantle�s composition, the more readily the skin will absorb it. With this in mind, LOGONA utilizes only carefully selected, purely natural botanical oils, natural moisture retention agents, and botanical extracts to stimulate the skin�s self corrective mechanisms.

LOGONA Day Creams reinforce the fragile acid mantle, deliver it additional moisture, and protect it from negative environmental factors. Since these creams often underlie foundation and other makeup, they penetrate readily into the skin quickly, and leave hardly a trace.

LOGONA Night Creams support the natural regenerative functions of the skin. Each night cream delivers to the acid mantle a specific blend of active and nourishing ingredients, selected to benefit a specific skin condition. Botanical extracts stimulate and strengthen the self healing and regeneration of the skin. In this way, the skin can recover during the night from the exertions and stressors which it encountered during the day. Despite their rich content of active botanical ingredients, Logona night creams have a fine, light consistency. Heavier creams can interfere with the skin�s respiration and metabolism during the night.

For blemished skin, hydration is best achieved with a very light emulsion, like Logona Clear Skin Moisture Fluid, which binds excessive surface skin oil (sebum) for re-absorption. This also reduces the shininess of the skin. At the same time, antibacterial agents counteract inflammation associated with blemishes.

For maturing skin, the standard approaches to hydrate and protect the skin almost always require supplementation of specialized, therapeutic products. Logona offers a six product series of facial products, the Age Protection series, formulated to address the unique requirements of maturing skin.

Care and Protection for the delicate area around the eyes

For the delicate skin surrounding your eyes, which contains practically no oil and very little water, a specialized hydration and treatment product is generally recommended. These particularly dry skin areas tend to develop premature wrinkles. In the area below the eyes, watery deposits and puffiness tends to develop. Cooling, soothing moisture gels, such as LOGONA�S Quince & Aloe Eye Gel, are particularly well suited to moisturize and firm slack, puffy skin and reduce fine lines and tiny wrinkles.